“We came, we saw, we loved”

If your pregger’s, one of the top of the list things I recommend you do before baby arrives is take time out and plan a romantic few days getaway with your other half.



Either go offshore, to another town or simply stay local and plan a “staycation” (stay home and send any kids off to grandparents) then just enjoy spending the one on one quality time with your spouse,  best friend and partner in life before it fills up with the new arrival. My husband and I are sun seeking surfers currently being hit with the Raglan winter so Byron Bay was the spot of choice this time. Sure I was too preggers to surf but the beach, walks, food, sun and the all care no responsibility for 4 nights was total bliss.

We literally dated each other, explored the coast line from Gold Coast to Lennox Head and soaked up the kid free “you and me” quality time. It was just bliss to go out to dinner every night, chill at the beach and we even caught a movie….. basically the things we used to do pre kids and now don’t because lets be honest sometimes its more of a hassle then you have the energy for to organise.



A couple of points to note before you go on this getaway:

  • W H E N – Best time to go is pre 6 months preggers in my opinion.  I was 32 weeks my back had an injury, babe woke me up at night wriggling around and any lengthy walks we did gave me aches and pains. Plus preggo belly gets in the way of ultimate romance.
  • S P R A Y T A N – I got gifted one for my birthday from my lovely friend at “Raglan Beauty Studio”…. BEST call ever!!! Felt like a total hotmuma babe in my bikini on the beach instead of a white whale.
  • L E T T E R – If your required to have a letter allowing you to fly pregnant, make sure its current WITHIN 10 days. Mine was 2 months old (super organised I know) and it caused check in delays, potentially not letting me come back home.
  • S H O P – For yourself, for the caregiver of your kids and something for your kids. The outlets at Harbour town were not worth the mish. I should have just bought something unique for the kids in Byron.
  • M E A L S – We like to stick to a budget so first thing we do when we get to the start of a getaway is stock up at the supermarket for breakfast, drinks, fruit and snacks then we treat ourselves to a few lunches out and dinner date it every night.
  • A I R P O I N T S – We spend everything on the credit card in everyday life to collect points then when we have enough that then pays for our flights and rental car!!
  • W A R D R O B E – June was bikinis by day and jackets over dresses by night temps.



  • COMBI Cafe in Byron – amazing organic local food and rad vibe
  • Delicious inside or roadside Dinner at Miss Margarita
  • Light house walk – be sure to look out for turtles and dolphins over the cliff edge.
  • Gorgeous Surf town shops such as Spell Byron Bay
  • Best Surf spot – Lennox Head “Skinners Head” & then check out Greenmount “Snapper” & “D-Bar”.



We stayed at

All were reasonable, clean and comfortable.


If you would like more specific details feel free to “leave a reply” below and I am more than happy to let you know.


  1. What a sensible generation where a babymoon exists! A lovely timeout to reconnect and enjoy some adult time without the children. The most important relationship in any family is that of the mum and dad – the kids grow up and leave the nest before you know it so nurturing your marriage throughout is important 🙂


    1. Your absolutely right mum and dad part often gets put to the side! We just went on another weekend away back there and took Anker but he is easy – was nice to surf every day and relax


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