Skyla gets a Woolbabe
“Let them sleep for when they wake they will move mountains”

Kids and SLEEP is such a major in parent life. Many factors either hinder or prolong it and speak to any parent but we literally try everything and or buy anything to make them SLEEP. I have come to realise that there is no one manual that covers all, sleep training is ongoing no matter how strict the routine and perfect your baby is, I mean was… and pretty much trial and error eventually fixes regressions (usually the last thing you do). Don’t worry, no-one is left out on some sort of sleep scenario that near breaks them at some point, however there are some things we can easily do to help and my personal MUST for today is … invest in good sleeping bags for these little ones.

We have been given this gorgeous 3 Seasons Woolbabe sleeping bag in Dusk from The Sleep Store to review in return for my honest thoughts.


We live in a coastal surf town Raglan so chose the 3 Seasons sleeping bag for this time of year where the days are still summery hot and nights nippy cold. Skyla currently has 2 day naps so I found this weight ideal and adaptable for the hotter days (our house is a sun trap), removing layers to tees or singlets and flicking on a fan if needed to cool her room. It was also snuggly for the cooler nights by dressing her in all-in-ones and adding a blanket if needed. The front zip makes it quick and easy to slip on and off my wriggler. I have heard comments that it could be uncomfortable on tummy sleepers but I can say for sure it doesn’t bother Skyla at all – she sleeps happily on her tummy all night.

IMG_8828As we come into May I will put her into a Woolbabe Winter Weight duvet bag at night as the temperature drops in the early hours of the morning here in Raglan! Skyla is pictured below in Cory’s old one – the newer version of this is the Pebble.


Here’s a few quick key points that make woolbabe different & special:

  • D E S I G N – The duvet bags are quilted with organic cotton lining and a plush filling of 100% merino.
  • N Z  M U M  F A V E S – They are regularly described by mums as the warmest bags in NZ.
  • N A T U R A L  F A B R I C – The striped fabric is 30% merino & 70% organic cotton, specially made for woolbabe.
  • M U L T I P L E  O P T I O N S – Bags are available in 4 sizes and 3 weights, plus front or side zip options, so they have the perfect bag for every baby.
  • T E M P  R A N G E – The 3-seasons bag has the amazing temp range of 18 to 30 degrees, and is the perfect bag for people who only want one weight.


We have an amazing Woolbabe Sleeping bag of your choice up for grabs! There are two ways to enter!

On Instagram: All you have to do is follow @melzivink and @thesleepstore on Instagram! Like our competition post and tag two friends who may like to play along! More tags = more entries!!

On Facebook: All you have to do is follow Melanie Vink and The Sleep Store on Facebook. Make sure to like the competition post and SHARE it, then tag two friends in the comments. More tags = more entries.

Your welcome to enter both places for more chances!! Competition ends on Sunday, 7th May at midnight. Winner will be announced within 24 hours. Open to NZ residents only.


To read more about the Woolbabe you can see all the specs on The Sleepstore’s website!

“Thank you to The Sleep Store for letting us have one of your sleeping bag’s to review xx”

4 thoughts on “SKYLA GETS A WOOLBABE

    1. Yes you sure can the link to the website is at the bottom of the blog under “Find Woolbabe”it will take you directly there and
      You can totally pick the 2-4 size 👌🏻


  1. Hi there … im thinking of getting sum wool babes but just trying to decide if i get 1 3 season and a duvet or 2 3 seasons for the conveinance of having 1 in the wash … u say in ur blog that u add a blanket if it gets a wee bit chilly … so is it ok to add a blanket as i have heard with these sleeping bags u dont need a blanket but i feel a bit odd not having a blanket on top of her ??? Her room will b between 18 and 22 even in winter with the heat pump on so just a tad worried that a duvet 1 would make her too hot … ur opinion ???


    1. Heya hun I would definitely get one of each or 2 3 seasons. The duvet weight is breathable and I didn’t feel the need to put a blanket on that often. We put the heat pump on in the house that’s it. Not one in the kids room but it does get cold here so was glad to have winter duvet weight. The alternative is you can dress kids in merino pjs as well. I never have only Anker in a merino too over winter only because I was too lazy to change him as a newborn haha


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