kids bedroom
“A styled room fit for a little Princess and a mini Hero”

When your kids are a boy and girl and need to share the same room, a fun challenge presents itself on how you fit out this space so that it is fresh, fun and also reflects the personalities of the kids whose room it is.

Here is some inspiration and tips on how to combat this sibling combo and done on a budget since I am married to an accountant who does not appreciate styling and decor as much as I do.


Start with the furniture and place it in the room so that you get the best set up to suit your kids as well as maximizing the use of space. I tried at least 6 different scenarios before I got to this one. I love that we transitioned my boy to the toddler bed when we did so we could avoid having 2 high cots in this small room. The toddler bed helps it feel more spacious than it really is.


Our’s is: Princess and Hero

Add in your wall decals and hangings such as shelves, shadow boxes, prints etc. I inter-mixed the wall decals the whole way around the room which was the start of my theme then added pillows and accessories on the beds, off the wall pegs and in the shelves. We used gib clips to hang the heavier wall items for peace of mind. Not everything has to be replicated exactly the same but it does look fabulous when they tie in together so have fun being creative, always referring to your theme and decorate.


A couple of points to plan before you start so the space flows and compliments:

  • F U R N I T U R E – Select items that match in style, colour and work together as a set.
  • T H E M E – Pick one that suits a mix of both the kids personalities.
  • S H E L V E S – Have a range of variations from shadow boxes, peg boards to hung and stand alone.
  • D E C O R – Use the theme as the starting point then mix in boy girl items but be sure to not over clutter.
  • N E U T R A L – This is a strength and a good base just add a pop of colour through easy changeable items. Mine is monochrome and wood with blush peach and mint accents.
  • S I M P L E – Be careful not to over accessorize and keep very few toys and books in the room unless you want a daily all day disaster or a night-time player.
  • W A R D R O B E – Don’t leave it out…since I reorganised theirs, tidy and organised it stays. The kids get a Tops box and a Bottoms box plus hanging shelf each. Clever storage solutions allow a lot to be stored in a small space.



Furniture $1120 , shadow boxes $20, peg shelf $20, wall hooks $20, rug $22 chair $20, then various feature artwork and decor $300.

= approx $1500

If you would like more specific details feel free to “leave a reply” below and I am more than happy to let you know.

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